Are You Focusing on Your Child's Early Learning Experiences?

Isn't part of the fun of being a parent just watching how your children take advantage of every learning opportunity? What might seem like work to you could actually be fun for them, right? Think about when you dust the furniture. Don't your little kids love it when you give them a rag and let them help? That's just one example of kids having fun with what is really a chore.

With all of that in mind, you are more than likely wanting to focus on other ways you can give your child early learning experiences. From planning at-home learning time to enrolling your child in a preschool, here are some ideas that might inspire you.

At Home 

Think of the different ways your child can learn with your supervision. For example, say you are setting the table for five family members. Give your child five of every item that is needed at each place setting. Count each knife, fork, spoon, and other items as you give them to your child. Without any effort at all, your child will have better understood the concept of the number five and what it represents.

Create learning spaces in your home, too. For example, set up a tiny library with kid's books, a reading lamp, and a comfy pillow or chair. Encourage your child to draw pictures in order to make up his or her own stories, too. Then let them have the fun of telling you the story. 

At Preschool 

Have you considered enrolling your child in a preschool? If so, maybe you have already visited some preschools in your area. If you haven't done that, consider calling ahead of time to let the directors of various preschools know that you're interested in enrolling your child in their preschool program, and ask when it would be a good time for you and your child to drop by for a short visit.

Consider starting your child at preschool with only two or three mornings each week. As he or she gets used to going to preschool, don't be surprised if your child asks to go more often. Your child will learn while having fun with other children. For example, little songs will be learned that tell about things like numbers and seasons of the year. Outdoor playtime will be a great time for your child to learn that he or she will have to take turns on the play equipment.

Don't be surprised when your child brings home really great artwork. Consider framing some of the pieces to display on the walls of your home.