How To Make Sure Your Toddler Gets The Most Out Of Their Daycare

When you are a working parent, nothing is quite as important as your child's safety. As long as you find a child care center that is safe for them, you should be good, right? Although safety is the number one factor you should consider, there are some other things that you can look for in a program to help your toddler grow and prepare them for kindergarten. 

They Offer Nap Time

If your child still naps, then you will want to look for a daycare center that offers nap time for toddlers. For instance, a lot of daycare centers have nap mats that are placed in a quiet room for toddlers to lay down and take at least an hour nap. The great thing about nap time for young kids (especially toddlers) is they are growing and learning so much every day that it can be really tiring. By getting some time in the middle of the day to rest and nap, it can help them learn more and faster when they are awake. 

They Give Them Tools to Prepare Them for Reading

Another thing you can look for is a daycare center that offers your child tools to help them get ready to read. No, your two-year-old or three-year-old doesn't need to learn how to read when they are that little, but learning things like how to identify letters and sounds will get them prepared for kindergarten. Look for a daycare center that does reading centered activities such as reading aloud, learning about letters, and doing flashcards altogether. All of these tasks may seem small but they can be really impactful in a young person's life. 

They Have Plenty of Playtime

Some day care centers may have a television that they let little kids watch shows on every once in a while, but too much screen time isn't good for your child's development. Make sure that you look for a toddler child care center that gives children plenty of playtime. Individual playtime is essential to your child's personal, social, and cognitive growth. During the summer and spring, look for a program that gets them outside in a safe environment to play for hours every day. During cold weather seasons, look for a child care center that has plenty of hands-on toys for your child to play with while they are indoors. 

You want your toddler to be safe and you want them to grow in every way possible, so keep these things in mind when you are looking for a daycare program for them. 

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