How To Prepare A Kid For Child Care

Finding the perfect child care center for your kid isn't the only challenging task. You also have to prepare the kid for the transition. Remember, it will be your kid's first time away from you. So, what should you do to facilitate a smooth transition to the new setting? Well, check out these tips.

Let the Child Know What's Coming

Some parents make the mistake of not informing their children of the upcoming event. The kids only get to know after arriving at the child care center. You need to paint a concise picture of what to expect before they even set foot in the child care center. 

You can start by informing the child about some fun activities at the center. Alternatively, you can talk about friends who are already at the same facility. 

Take the Kid With You During Orientation Sessions

Most facilities provide orientation opportunities for both parents and kids. These sessions are the best chance your child has to familiarize themself with the staff, other kids, routines, and facility. 

As long as you take advantage of these sessions, your child will have an easy time adapting. If the facility doesn't have such sessions, you could still make multiple visits to the facility before the child starts care.

Provide Some Comfort

Now that you'll be leaving your kid at the hands of a caregiver, you need to reassure them that they'll be fine. You can achieve that by providing them with something familiar. Some parents might pack the kid's favorite toy or give them a family picture. These objects should soothe the child throughout the day.

Control Your Emotions

Parents can also make things hard for their children if they fail to keep their emotions in check—kids can read emotions too. So, if you are happy and jovial when dropping them off, they'll know that everything is okay. However, the kid can be confused if you are tearful or sad during drop-offs.

Involve the Kid During Preparations

Your child will feel much better when you involve them in all the preparations. You need to allow the kid to choose what they want to wear and the toys they would love to carry. You can also let the child help with packing the backpack. All these little things will make your kid excited about their new routine.

Other tips that should help ease the transitions include:

  • Creating a morning and bedtime routine
  • Reading to your kid
  • Plan for drop-off and pick-up
  • Get the child used to group settings

For more information on child care, contact a professional near you.